idea-logoIdea Cellular has again come up with a new campaign which aims to showcase its strong network across India. The creative designed and executed by love-Lintas continues to further strengthen the brand. Before the actual release one minute TVC on 1-December, Idea created a buzz with four teaser films on 29th December.

The beautifully created and executed film, with a hummable jingle shows people from various parts of the country humming ‘Honey Bunny’, which was picked by them when it was played on a phone, which belongs to a backpacker who has travelled across the country introducing people he has met to the ringtone and thereby popularising it.

The TVC which aims to showcase Idea’s connectivity succeeds in it as well.

It has been an interesting, ride for the telecom brand owned by Aditya Birla Group, which rose from being a brand with virtually no identity, to the number four private telecom player after Airtel, Reliance and Vodafone. With a presence in 17 circles and almost 98,441,714 subscribers, Idea has done it in a non traditional way: its marketing has stayed away from category codes while its advertising has bordered on the idiosyncratic: taking on matters of grave social or political importance and spinning them into a telecom story.

The brand had a somewhat disorganized start, launched as Birla Communications in 1995 in two circles that is Maharashtra and Gujarat where it had won licence, the brand has, since, undergone several changes, and M&A marking its path, which includes Tata, Escotel and with Spice Communications. Different brand names in different circles was too cumbersome and expensive, in 2002, the company decided to unify its services under common name and brand thought called as Idea, and a tag-line ‘An Idea can change your life’.

Idea’s expansion strategy was a bottom-up one: it started off in local pockets in Maharashtra and Gujarat and then moved on to bigger towns and cities. Print and outdoor were the mediums of choice initially.

idea-AB-adIdea advertising was different from the competitors. A hummable tune composed by Ilayaraja and sung by Sonu Nigam with numbers that formed the lyrics (9, 8, 7…) of the tune during the launch, or series of films with junior AB with a phrase ‘What an Idea, Sirji!’,  to the latest ‘Honey Bunny’, Idea has always executed it differently.

In 2006-07, Idea came up with a ‘what an Idea!‘ series: starting with the Caste Wars. The film was a satire on the social conditions prevalent in rural India and gave a solution in form of people known by mobile number instead of family names thus preaching for equality. The message connected easily with the Indian masses and marked the arrival of a brand called Idea.

idea-maharastraWhile brands go to great lengths to avoid controversy, Idea used it to leverage its brand. In 2008, Idea started the ‘Mera number Mumbai Ka‘ campaign: bang in the middle of the MNS (Maharashtra Navnirman Sena) uproar over locals versus outsiders.

Campaigns like Education for All, Democracy (the ‘Yes/No’ campaign) were catalyst in further strengthened the brand and promote mobile telephony as a solution provider in situations least expected.

With the ‘walk when you talk‘ campaign Idea advocated that that technologies need not make people lazy, and ‘Aap post paid hoo yeah Pre Paid ho’, Idea educated about VAS, which are gaining importance in India.

WinnerIdea is perhaps the only brand with an idea at the core of its DNA. Each time, a different execution, a different idea, is what puts Idea into a different league all together.  In sync with its line that ‘An Idea can change your life’ Idea has gambled with its communication and marketing – breaking what is accepted at every step of the way to emerge as a winner.

Posted: 22nd December 2012 in Brand Story, Brand Update by Reetesh Singh
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  1. Ashish Mehta says:

    “Honey Bunny” is rocking the nation. The catchy jingle that get struck in your mind from the first time you hear it has immediately gone viral!

  2. Rajeev Shashtri says:

    Idea has always came up with interesting campaigns. All the campaigns have a major recall.

  3. Nupur Saxena says:

    This is a best example of Viral Marketing. My nephew who is merely 4 and a half was murmuring something, and when i saw this ad, immediately it strike my mind… oh Praney was trying to sing this only. SO THE CAMPAIGN IS SUCCESS, IT HAD PENETRATED THE TG AND WILL DEFINITELY HAVE AN AMAZING RECALL.

  4. Neha Malhotra says:

    An interesting post just like the interesting jingle “Honey Bunny”

  5. Rajat Gupta says:

    The campaign is well versed planned, look it highlights provider’s PAN India coverage and show that the provider is popular across nation…..!!!