In today’s times Branding has become an essential and important aspect for companies and individuals to showcase their products, services & strengths to the consumers. What is termed as Branding or Marketing (in many companies & groups) is generally handled by some specialist from the trade also known as Marcom (Marketing Communication), Corporate Communications or Products Managers and so on. These guys are specialist because they are supposed to know the 5 elements of Branding, which makes these guys important.

And the boss said!!! A very strange callout you must be wondering why so?

Before we dig into it, leys understand the term branding and its legacy. The term branding which laterally evolved from the term brand and is used to identify one seller’s good or services as a distinct from the other sellers. The brand has certain attributes associated with it and is not just the Name, Logo or design which is usually termed as a brand.  Brand means how an end user associates with the company. Sounds confusing?  Not to worry will cover it in our next article.

The term branding is an extension of the term brand and has a very interesting history behind it. Branding began in the past as a way to identify one person’s cattle from another and it was achieved by the means of Hot iron Stamp. The cattle owned by one particular individual was marked the practice which might sound barbaric was a need of an hour as it was to protect the precious livestock from theft.

Over the years the practice evolved and was used by corporations to identify their products in the market and the process evolved with every step. As corporations started becoming bigger and bigger and eventually started to venture out in other markets as well as add to the fact that new mediums like Electronic, Internet along with the traditional media vehicle available, there was a need felt to improve the communication techniques to reach out to more consumers, and to beat the competitor in his or her own turf. Universities started offering it as a subject in for students to learn and understand it.

Thus the concept of branding to be handled by certain individuals who know this art rather than by sales people or someone else was started and has been carried ever since.

I have worked in many companies in different verticals across my carrier span of almost 15 years and found the system more or less same, bearing few companies where the concept was totally alien. This is true with many companies big as well as small where the concept of Brand Specialist is unheard. Even if the guy is appointed, polices or strategies are still handled by someone from sales or from higher management.

The typical response is that we know better; what you know about sales; I do not wish to spend more than this and so on.

The other issue which haunts is that there is no concept of ROI, Matrices, Analytics or any other tool to measure the response. When you share the terms like CPM, CPT and others the response is:

What’s that?  I have been in this business since last so many years how do you think I do business?

5P of marketing are for MBA graduates and will not work in this industry, don’t try to reinvent the wheel and so on.

I have faced such issues up to an extent where a particular media vehicle was chosen not on the basis of the TG or visibility but was rather chosen as it’s very cheap to lease or acquire. It really does not matter that the communication did not reach the right audience or that the creative is similar to others as long as it’s cheap lets go for it.

If one particular radio station is not heard by the TG or it has the worst traffic management system, who cares because they are selling it cheap and the boss says that I think its works better.

Sometimes the story is more frustrating when the boss or sales head says that “I need an creative (best possible) get it done quickly”, so as a communication professionals we work on it and get it done, he feels that the placement is not right so change here, move this and so on things which are very annoying and have no sense at all.

Once the company needs a Branding Ad, so had to get it done ASAP, keeping all the essence of a branding advertising intact got it designed, but the sales head said that the copy is not right, why haven’t you mentioned price in the creative?

Even the public relations is handled by these guys, they will dictate the terms what needs to be added what not as well as will edit the text to an extent where it makes no sense at all.

But at the end of the day who cares about it because, it if one tries to make some sense the response is same before you I was handling it and no one questions my Integrity and knowledge, you think you know this company better than I.

It is said that GOD created this world in 7 days and at the beginning he said that let there be light, similarly Boss says let’s do some branding but this time even if it not accurate, what difference it makes I have saved a lot of money for the company that is what matters and is important.

Posted: 2nd September 2012 in Marketing by Reetesh Singh
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  1. Naman Kathuria says:

    Simply an excellent post. a natural problem that I also face in my office.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree with this post. My boss is also like that, F**k branding, marketing and everything but buy the space that’s cheap regardless of the fact that our TG is not there…. huh!

  3. Ricky Marwah says:

    Dil di gal kar ditti tu tan veera… “Boss is always right” – this is something he believes but the fact is vice-versa, boss is a geek who thinks he’s always right